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Corky Mizer is an experienced and knowledgeable source for pest control. He appears on television and at events to help and inform people. Corky delivers refreshing, straight talk about pests and makes appearances in his support for many charities.

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Corky is committed to providing quality and value.

Corky Mizer founded Corky's Pest Control more than 50 years ago. He is committed to providing the best possible pest control service. His dedication includes informing and educating Corky's customers and the public at large about pests, pest control, health issues, regulations and safety. Corky's Pest Network was created as way to inform and entertain the world about pests and the pest control industry. 

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Corky Mizer has made educating everyone about pest control part of his lifelong mission. He teaches the public and industry professionals through his published books, videos and speaking engagements.

Corky's Pest News provides accurate news and information about pests, pest control, health, safety, weather and drought conditions. On air personality, Shawna Cardoza talks to issues concerning Southern California residents.

Corky's Noon Cartoon lightens things up with funny pest humor from cartoonists from all over the world.


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Corky's fun commercials inform and entertain about Corky's service and pests.

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TheCorky's Pest Control website has a wealth of free information. An informative blog covers topical subjects every week. There is information about pests, how to identify them, how to prevent them and explanations on pest control service.

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