Send us your funniest pest related cartoons. Corky's will pay for humorous cartoons about pests such as insects, spiders and rodents!


View/Download the Art Instructions for full details on the process. Download the graphics below for the two cartoon templates to ensure your submission fits into both formats. Fill out the form when you are ready to submit your artwork or idea. Cartoons must be approved first, if you want to be compensated. Get in on the comic fun and earn extra money! 

Square Format 1080x1080

art approval process

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Make 'em Laugh

We hope you enjoy creating your cartoon and will send us more. Thank you for your interest and helping us have fun with pests and pest control.

You can create one illustration 1200 x 755 with the critical parts inside LIVE AREA of 1080 x 675.

Rectangle Format 1200x750

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