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Ivan Camilli

Corky’s Noon Cartoon, created in 2016 by Corky Mizer, illustrates the fascinating world of insects and mammals seen from their perspective and sometimes from the pest control professional too. Every week a pest is featured with funny cartoons from talented artists all over the world. Here’s a brief lineup of some of the awesome talent that contributes to the pest toon consortium.

Bart E. Slyp
Rob Botts
Jeremy C. Joseph

Illustrator Jeremy C. Joseph owns Headache Films LLC, a 2D boutique animation studio. Past and present clients include Cartoon Network, Disney, Stanford University, ESPN, NBC, Tommy Hilfiger, PBS and Nike.

Ivan Camilli is a professional illustrator as well animator, working for studios like Disney, Warner Brothers and Hanna-Barbera.

jon carter indiana

Rob Botts is a professional cartoonist with multiple cartoon strips such as "Boston Bobby" running in various publications. Botts is a published writer, cartoonist, actor, and a former Div. III college basketball player.

ivan camilli CALIFORNIA

jeremy c. joseph oregon

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Jon Carter was born on April Fool's day which may have influenced his career choice. At 18 he landed his first regular freelance job as cartoonist for a local weekly newspaper and he's been working on them ever since for more than 25 years.

Meet the talent that creates the funniest pest toons on earth!

Corky's Noon Cartoon

bart e. slyp texas

Jon Carter
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rob botts california

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Bart E Slyp is a multi-talented artist who provides humorous style illustrations for story, editorial and marketing content. Slyp is also an accomplished fine art painter.